Asssured Security

Hillsong Europe Conference 2014 was so inspiring and on point this year. I am grateful for the privilege to be part of an amazing church where the name of Jesus is exalted and people have the opportunity to accept and glorify Him. You can have a look at the highlights if you couldnt make it.

The resounding theme for me was security. Security in God’s love and plans for me. Security in my relationship with Jesus. Security in His word. Security in no other name.

no other name

Craig Groeschel hit the nail on the head when he stated that we should step out of our comfort zone into the destiny God has shaped for us. To understand that destiny, it is necessary to dwell in His word. 

As if on cue, Carl Lentz spoke about not following the right situation, but following the right leader. Knowing our leader gives us the security to rest in His provision and all He has prepared for us. 

Robert Madu concluded by emphasising that our faith hinges on the word of God and when your experience doesn’t line up with your expectation, God reveals Himself there. 

I’m confident that if you were there you had your conference highlights and I just want to encourage you to think about what the theme was for you and to meditate on it. If you were not there, you could get the USB stick with all the messages ( I would update my blog with where you can find online links as soon as I get them. Or better yet, register for the 2015 Hillsong Europe Conference!


Have an amazing day people!




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