Book Review: Living Life Undaunted – 365 Readings and Reflections from Christine Caine

I absolutely enjoy listening to Chris Caine and when the opportunity came to review this, I jumped at it. Although it is a devotional, I read it from cover to cover in 30 days (partly because it needed to be reviewed and partly because I enjoyed it so much.)


I reckon this devotional is an output of her book of the same title (Undaunted) and she does a great job of putting down reflections in bite sizes relevant for our daily walk in life and with Christ. It is divided into four sections for each quarter of the year:

1. Broken (January to March). This aspect focuses on the fact that we all have wounds, healing is a process and we should learn to trust in the midst of all that goes on around us.

2. Loved (April to June). This encourages us that we are chosen and accepted by God therefore we should follow in love and be more like Christ.

3. Empowered (July to September). We have the peace, wholeness and flexibility to live the Spirit-filled life in an undaunted fashion.

4. Commissioned (October to December). We are commissioned to seek the lost and provide succour for the healing world.

I especially enjoy the fact that it can be started at anytime of the year so there is no need to feel like you have missed out on something or that it has to be read from the 1st of January.

Have a great day people!



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