I have been having the weirdest and most random cravings ever. On Monday, it was rice and stew with fried goat meat…not just any rice and stew, the type my mother makes…very spicy and what not. By mid-week, it was Masa and suya with Shagalinku yoghurt whilst sitting outside with my fellow masa devourers. Today, I craved guavas and my wish was granted when I came across these:


As with every strange occurrence in my life, I began to ponder on these things. Why on earth was I wanting certain types of food badly? Did I really want the food or was I missing what having those meals represented? I settled on the latter…I definitely missed what having those meals represented. For example, I had masa et al with groups of people who made me laugh or colleagues at work who needed an informal atmosphere to catch up.

I came to the conclusion that I missed being around people whom I perceived as warm, bubbly,  and non-judgemental. I reckon this was triggered by the fact that I have had a series of team meetings and all of a sudden, felt that way again and that in turn triggered the desire for the types of food that accompanied those feelings. (Geez, does this even make sense?)

Maybe we really do not miss people. Maybe we miss how they make us feel/ who we are when we are with them/ how we make them feel. How do you miss a person and not miss their attributes too? Someone should write a PHD thesis on this please, thank you very much.

In other news, I won a month’s worth of Starbucks coffee and a massage at work! Who says I live a boring life? Lol.

Have a beautiful day people.


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