Book Review: Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower

I know you have all missed me…I’ve missed you too. I changed my rhythm (yet again) and didn’t quite fit blogging into the it. Silly me. I have decided that with my book reviews, I would not delve deep into the story line but would try to give a sense of what I experienced while reading the books so do not expect any spoilers.

Well, today’s book review is a different kind…yet another Fiction and I am loving fiction. I had never heard of Amanda Flower and I decided to read this book because the title sounded cool :). The book reminded me of Secret Seven…you know, the Enid Blyton series.


It was a slow book at first but it sucks you into its delicious world of mystery, adventure and suspense. The protagonist tried to delve into the mysterious past of her ancestors and this cascades into a series of events that are sometimes exciting to read…or predictable as the case may be. Spoiler alert though: it doesn’t end like you would think it would (not much of a spoiler, huh?).

I do think this is a book young readers would enjoy and it reminds me of the classics (Nancy Drew series, Famous Five etc) and it also is what I would like to call a clean fun book as it alludes to no misdemeanour or unruly behaviour without consequences.

Have a lovely day people!



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