Hot curry and what not

I am pretty stoked today as church was really amazing (It was vision Sunday) and I ended up going out for lunch with two of my girlies. See, I’m off to a great start on my quest to be more sociable. We had lunch at Garfunkel’s and it just occurred to me that no one would believe me because I didn’t take a picture of my amazing lunch. Sigh!

Anyways, we ended up spending 4 hours talking about all sorts of things but when one of them asked me what my expectations for 2014 was, I stuttered a bit. I’m not a great fan of new year resolutions so I hardly make resolutions but one thing I was sure about was the fact that I wanted to be more of an extrovert this year. As you know, that doesn’t count as an expectation so as soon as I got home, I sat on the floor (where all great thinkers sit) with a cup of camomile tea (rumoured to be soothing) and wrote a list of my expectations for 2014. Don’t sneer at me, as far as I am concerned, the new year begun officially today in London as that’s when we celebrate the Chinese New Year (notice I said ‘we’…I am now part Chinese).

My list is all done now and I am really and truly expectant about 2014 and all it would bring…it’s never too late to think about what one expects. Now, on to the hot curry story. I have a new flat mate who’s Indian and he loves to cook. You see, that’s the best kind of flat mate to have because you know that no matter what happens, there would always be nice, tasty, spicy food for you to eat as opposed to the bland British food I simply cannot get used to.

Tonight was one of those nights that he decided to make another variant of his trademark curry and I love the fact that all I had to do was sit in my room salivating till he sent me an imessage “Hey, curry is done. You can have some”. I counted to 20 (one must never seem desperate even when one is) and then went to the kitchen where my other flat mate was already eating the said curry. We ate together for an hour and danced afterwards to celebrate the goodness of the curry. Thankfully, I had Ice-cream so there was dessert to share. Moral of the story? Get yourself a flatmate who loves to cook and loves to share the end product of his/her culinary skills.

In other news, I stumbled upon a means to get rid of acne and acne scars called the ‘oil cleansing method’. As a veteran in all things acne and the battle scars I have on my face as proof, I am surprised I never heard of this method. Basically, it is a method where one uses a combination of oils to massage your face daily and wipe off using a hot cloth. If you want to know more about this, check out this blog as it goes into more details about OCM. I shall be trying it next week (yea, I’m pretty quick with such things and I have already placed an order for 1 litre of castor oil!).


Oops, it is well past my bedtime already…see how time flies when you are having fun.


Have a splendid day people!


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