The Hermit’s diary

I woke up with really good intentions this morning. I promise you. Alarm went off by 6 a.m and I read till about 9 am (that’s when my stomach stated growling). Had brekkie and picked out my outfit for the meet up tonight. I truly had every intention of going and here I am now, 2 bars of snickers and a cuppa coffee later, still in my lazy Saturday outfit and no desire whatsoever to leave my room. What’s the matter with me?

Before you crucify me, I did go out though. Went to the shopping centre down the road to get yams, plantains and pears but ended up with a bottle of vanilla coke and toothpaste. Ask no questions, hear no lies. In my defence, I have not had vanilla coke in almost a decade and I thought it wise to relive my ex-favourite coke flavour.



It is settled though, I am not going out tonight…it is just too cold and what sense does it make to get out of perfectly warm clothes and have to wear an outfit that is sure to encourage goosebumps all over? I promise you though, this lady is going out every weekend this February and I shall blog about it so help me God!

Today, The Shard is 1 and I didn’t win tickets to the event tonight. I can’t believe it has been a year already since the tallest building in London (and indeed, the Western Europe) was opened to the public. Even thought this picture is not particularly top-notch, I love the way it seems like the top of the Shard leads up to the heavens.


In other news, I am thinking of changing the name of my blog. Teeweezee is just too bleh…I need something more conversation worthy. It doesn’t help that I don’t even blog about specifics…it’s all randoms at the moment. I shall think about it some more and let you all know what I decide.

Have a fabulous day people!


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