Book Review: The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado

I have always wished I could write fiction. I actually started a fictional blog in 2008 and after weeks of writing daily, I got bored and I knew my readers would soon start getting bored. So I did what every insane writer would do, I killed the blog. I never attempted to write fiction again and the experience gave me a new found respect for authors of fiction.

Max Lucado is someone whose books I devour and when I had the opportunity to read a fictional book of his, I knew I had to read it and write a review. Boy, am I glad I did.


I hate to spoil the story line for those who haven’t read it but to be honest, it is a fairly predictable series of events. Legend has it that in the small village of Gladbury, an angel visits the home of a candlemaker and touches a candle. Whoever lights and prays with that candle encounters miraculous events. The story has its twists and turns and although there are interesting parts to the book, I did not experience the usual eagerness to find out how the story would end.

In my opinion, it left me wanting more and I reckon it is because this is Max’s  foray in the world of fiction. As much as I love Max Lucado and all his books, this is one book I am not in a hurry to recommend (except you just want something to read at a leisurely pace and no mental exercise or excitement).

In other news, this week is pay day week! Yay! What do you all do on Pay day Friday?

Have a great day people!


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