Diary of a workaholic

I am forced to work today because we’ve had loads of deadlines to meet and since I don’t have anything better to do, I’m working from home. Lol.

No complaints at all. I enjoy working and I always pray to enjoy my job wherever it is. I sometimes wonder if that’s why I’m socially awkward in certain situations. Surely, one must learn to find that intricate balance between work and social activities.

I enjoy working, to be honest. I think the only thing I enjoy more than work is shopping. Lol. Who doesn’t like to shop?

Talking about shopping, I went out last week on a shopping rendezvous and was glad to go with a friend from uni. It was much better as there were lots of sales going on and we could buy more than we budgeted for. Yea, we budget before going out.


In other news, a couple of my friends are engaged. Yay. I’m planning my aso-ebi investment scheme and praying they all hope to have destination weddings. I’m excited. Lol.

Have a fabulous day people.



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