Book Review: “Secrets of Dynamic Communication” by Ken Davis

I enjoy reading the many books available on sharpening/ improving one’s communication skills. In my profession, one simply must learn to convey information effectively and continuously improve this skill. When I spotted Ken Davis book, I was excited because his SCORRE method has been a useful tool for me when making speeches and writing proposals.


“Prepare with focus, deliver with clarity and speak with power” that’s the message of this book summed up in a few words. The SCORRE technique I mentioned earlier is a tool for enabling writers and speakers to clearly communicate their message in a way easily received by their target audience.

The acronym is: S= Subject; C= Central Theme; Objective; R= Rationale; R= Resources; E=Evaluation.

To be honest, this book is a good reference material for anyone who needs to upgrade their communication skills. Even when you think your skills are top-notch already, this is still useful in every single way. I would love to do into more details and fully explain what each aspect of the SCORRE method is but I would be a spoilsport, wouldn’t I?

Have a fabulous day people!


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