Growing up alone

I enjoy a lot of things people I know find boring. Case in point…cloud spotting. Don’t pretend as if you have no idea what cloud spotting is. Dude, it is self explanatory. I’ve lived in beautiful, chaotic and busy cities all my life and cloud spotting has been the selah moment in all the craziness that abounds around me.

Luckily I have found a group of people online who share my enthusiasm for clouds and they are called the cloud appreciation society. Seriously. The amazing pictures I have come across on the site just keep inspiring me to stop and watch out for cloud patterns and formations. This is one of the many pictures I have taken of clouds I have spotted:


I also enjoy cheese and wine. Who would have thought cheese and wine would appeal to my taste buds which enjoy hot and spicy types of food. As I type this, I’m eating cheese with careless abandon whilst hoping I have not run out of my secret stash of cheese.

Next on my list is coffee. I specifically love Nespresso coffee and I have been drinking lots of Cioccorosso (so much so that I ordered 50 capsules of the silly thing). Despite warnings from more seasoned coffee drinkers to stay away from it, I decided to explore and at first did not know what to make of it. When asked by the said seasoned coffee drinkers what I thought about it, my response was “it’s indescribable”. I never could have imagined how the mélange of dark chocolate and red fruit would taste in coffee. It has a christmasy feel to it and I love Christmas. (Plus I love the fact that the capsule is multi-coloured).


I can go on and on about seemingly weird things I enjoy but the point is this: I have finally grown up and rediscovered me. I used to be the girl who did what everyone else wanted without bothering to find out what I liked. It was as if I didn’t have a mind of my own and I was happy to do what other people liked.

I would bend over backwards hurting myself just to make sure others were okay and they never would say or even think that I was a selfish person. The stupidity of it all.

All that is steadily changing. I really surprised myself when a certain person wanted us to meet up somewhere close to them and I refused. I have great restaurants and pubs in my hood, come to my end thank you very much, kind regards. I need to do things on my own terms and not just because others would not approve. Whose life is it any way?

I am finally growing up to be the lady I have always wanted to be. An independent person who does not confuse compassion for others with being down trodden. Someone who goes with her guts even when others tell her that Cioccorosso is horrible. A lady who does not care about being liked but is definitely respected where ever she goes. The Queen of Spades…I am growing up to become the Queen of Spades! (Just in case you do not know, the Queen of spades represents an intelligent woman who is creative, practical, logical, intellectual and makes her plans ahead of time).

In other news, the festive season is upon us and although I could not go for carols this year due to work commitments, I am exceptionally proud of my church and the people that made Carols at Wembley spectacular.


Have a wonderful day people!


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