Veggie Tales

I have absolutely no idea why I am breaking out seriously but my face can effectively serve as sand paper. I have washed my beddings, towels, make up brushes and other facial apparatus but nothing worked. It is so rough and spotty that I was forced to create time out of my very busy schedule (you know, that short break between watching cartoons and reading “Maktub”) to visit my good ol’ trusty dermatologist (aka the lady who owns a beauty parlour downstairs).

After all the “testing” and what not, she recommended microdermabrasion and a chemical peel routine! See me see wahala! I know my face is horrible to look at but the aim is not to eliminate the whole face completely. After conducting in-depth research (aka google) on what the long term effect of having both is, I decided I would experiment with body shop’s Vitamin C microdermabrasion facial wash.

I still ordered for the chemical peel home kit though and my face is on its recovery path. As this is the 2nd time this year my face has looked like it has rashes all over, my derma recommended I overhaul my diet and eat only veggies for 6 weeks! Sigh. Sometimes I don’t understand these people and their recommendations. One look at me and you know I am a proper African who must have meat with any meal. Nevertheless, I have accepted the challenge and I would eat only veggies, fruits and couscous for the the next 6 weeks and I hope I can find the discipline to ignore chicken, fries, pasta…the list goes on (Just so we are clear, chocolate is a fruit okay?)

In other news, I received my gold iphone 5 on Friday (yea, I have bragging rights as I waited ages for it). It isn’t as gold as I expected…I actually called customer care to say I was sent a dark silver phone instead of gold. In the right light though (meaning in bright fluorescent/ professional photographer’s light) it looks gold. All is well with the universe again and I am a happy lady…and I can resume my amateur photography stunts.


Have a fab day people!


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