Bark right back!

I have always been known as the shy lady who smiles ever so sweetly (as if) but no one knows how hard I can be on myself…sometimes I stand back and think that I need to be less critical about me and my actions. That’s not my story of today though.

I am an avid reader ( I say that a lot) and when I was 13, my sister and I joined a book club where we could ready any book for 20 naira per day (the equivalent of 8p). That way, I did not have to buy so many books and at the same time it taught me how to read fast because I was not willing to have a book in my possession for more than the time span allowed.

On one of my frequent trips to return/exchange a book (I actually remember it was a Sidney Sheldon book titled “The windmill of the gods”), I saw 2 dogs running towards me and I froze in shock…simply because I did not (and do not) know how to scream and I knew I could not outrun 2 dogs. My 13 year old mind kicked into action and the next thing I knew, I was barking at the dogs. I kid you not, I barked at them so loudly and confidently that one would have sworn I was either a dog or had lost my mind. Fortunately, the dogs were as confused as I was and they came close, sniffed at me and turned back.

I remembered that incident today and realised that I was scared senseless when I barked at those ugly dogs but refused to let fear consume me. If I had, who knows, I would have been mauled by those dogs or something of that nature. Maybe I am over analysing this barking incident but it puts a lot of things we face in life into perspective.

One simply cannot succumb to being pushed over or scared out of acting out confidently. Irrespective of what life throws at you, choose to be courageous and bark right back at life. The worst that would happen is that you would fall but even at that, you would be satisfied that you didn’t just give up in the midst of bad situations but that you fought right back.

I have had every opportunity to wallow in self pity these past few months with issues ranging from a health scare to the dreadful feeling of hopelessness but I am grateful that after my pity party, I had the strength to pick myself up and fight right back…and I am still fighting so do not mess with me.

It is necessary to make up one’s mind about the absolutes in life and that includes deciding never to despair in the face of adversity and fight right back when it seems like the world is against you. I know, it all sounds easier to say than to actually do but it is so necessary to make up your mind that come what may, you would not give up!

In unrelated news, I received yet another new phone. Yay. I would like to thank the apple genius bar dudes at Covent garden for sorting me out and I can’t wait to get started on my new phone :).

Have a great day people!


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