Book Review: The God Whom Moses Knew (A Novel) by J. Roger Nelson, M.D.

I absolutely love reading but these days its been hard catching up with all the amazing books that I have got to read. Seriously though, there is no excuse and I must read and read till I can read no more.

Anyhow, the latest book I received from Booksneeze has been one of the most amazing books I have read so far.


Its Roger Nelson’s version of events of the Israelite’s story through Moses’ eyes. I love the fact that it is written from the perspective of what may have been running through the minds of Moses, Aaron, Miriam and the Israelites. You feel like you are actually in that age wen reading this book and you can feel their pain, struggle and the difficulty they faced absolutely trusting God to ensure all things would be well.

I think anyone who finds the Pentateuch boring should definitely read this book alongside because it sort of puts things in perspective. It also gives a great imagery and explores various emotions that  were involved and makes you actually wonder if you would have reacted differently to the situations each player faced.

Have a fabulous day people!



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