Phone issues

I simply hate it when I have any type of issues with any of my electronic devices. It is so upsetting because I can get paranoid…I would google the issue and assume the worst. So when my iPhone was giving me the “no service” error, I kind of freaked out because I simply cannot be without a phone.

As a celebrity wannabe, I need to be accessible to people (you know, agents, managers, fans and the like). I actually thought it was an O2 problem (my service provider) and the O2 gurus were very kind to me. They kept changing my sim, running diagnostics tests and giving me sweets while I waited.

In the end, they just told me to go back to Apple to get the phone checked and probably fixed or replaced. Fixed or replaced ke? I honestly was in no mood to dole out cash to fix a phone I have not had for up to 12 months. After my initial grumbling, I made an appointment with the Apple genius bar and meekly put my sim in my trustworthy blackberry.

Appointment day was yesterday and I had to wait for 45 minutes to be attended to. I was almost seething…what was the point of booking an appointment then? Finally, my Apple genius (James) came to my seat and checked my phone…it was a sim tray issue (whatever that is) and he kindly told me he had bad news. The issue could not be fixed ASAP and he was very sorry about it but if I did not mind, he could give me a new iPhone.

You know how the story ends right? I did not mind the new iPhone at all (especially as I was not paying anything for it). I was beaming with all smiles and he got me a brand new, shiny, white iPhone. Yay! I was ecstatic. The 45 minute wait was worth it. I was tempted to hug him and all that but the English have no stomach for such show of affection so I said to him “inside I am thanking you a thousand times, even though on the outside I remain quite frugal” ( I stole that line from Baljeet).

Let’s just say I am a pretty happy woman right now and I have no electronic woes or issues. I am looking forward to an amazing week and can’t wait to begin.

In other news, I have a date with the amazing Erika today…she is another favourite Aussie of mine and she is going back to Australia. Boo hoo. I am so blessed to know amazing people and can’t wait for her to come back to the most beautiful city in the world.

Have a fabulous day people!


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