Just Jess Ryan

I hate saying goodbyes especially to people who are absolutely amazing…like Jess Ryan is. This post is all about Jess Ryan, my favourite Aussie who is one of the most dedicated team leaders I have ever known (and she’s also so sweet…this has nothing to do with the fact that she likes ice-cream…I think). 


We had known for months now that Jess was moving back to Australia on the 4th of August but I guess it is really just sinking. In her honour, we decided to have a “this isn’t goodbye” do at Wagamama. Actually we decided on Shake shack but when we got there, the whole of Covent Garden was on the queue to grab shakes and fries…only in London. 

So Wagamama it was and we had so much fun gisting and sharing jokes. We also tried to force Jess to give a speech but I guess it was all so emotional for her (and us) so we joked about it and even had some very nice people who were dining there bid her farewell. 

ImageI love Jess with all my heart and she is simply the best person one can wish for as a friend and as a team leader. She is very compassionate and really connects with people as she has a sweet unassuming nature. I keep saying this isn’t goodbye because it actually isn’t. We are all going to Brisbane to see her next year (even if we need to pick fruits to get our visas) and she would definitely be back for conference…or her wedding when we find her an chirpy English fella!

So more pictures about our fun night out…



After everyone had left, Seyi, Eliza, Elsa and I thought it would be wise to have dessert at the Shake Shack with Jess…what a wise decision it turned out to be. 


The Shake shack is a fabulous place and I shall be visiting more often…you should too. 

In other news, there is no other news because today’s post is all about Jess Ryan…duh, I said so earlier.

Have a fabulous day people!



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