I enjoy being in water and I do not care if I can’t swim…I would waddle in water because I can. My lack of swimming abilities is a juxtaposition to my love of water. Well, it is not real love but there is something about being on a boat or yacht that gives me joy. Perhaps its the wind, the clear blue skies…the serenity. 



Well, this post is not entirely about speedboats (hence no speedboat pictures) but the fact that I have no idea why my response to the question “what do you want in a man?” was “he needs to have a speedboat.” You see, when you are single, you get tired of answering the same question and soon ingenuity sets in. You give silly reasons for not being in a relationship and have a laugh at the expense of the enquirer. 

I don’t know if the word SINGLE was etched on my forehead yesterday but I hung out with 4 different people and they asked what I was looking for in a man (or my ideal man…to-may-to/ to-mah-to). Unfortunately, by the fourth person, I got tired of saying the same thing repeatedly and I said “well, he must be funny and have a speedboat”. The look of horror on her face was so gratifying to me and I think I am going to adopt it as my comeback. 

Being the deep thinker that I am, I got home and pondered my answer. Why speedboat Toyin? Why not a PJ (after all, I prefer flying to being on water). I reckon it is because I have made the correlation between water and peace/serenity thus it is only logical that I want someone who would keep me peaceful yea? 

In other news, it was a rainy day in my hood and a beautiful rainy day it was. I wonder why the rain is associated with gloom and doom but there is nothing as blissful as walking in the rain, having a hot shower afterwards and sitting on the floor writing this blogpost in a hurry so I can get to my Magnum ice-cream and S03E02 of Suits.


Have a fabulous day people!


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