Book Review: “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” by Ruby Hillsman

I unilaterally decided yesterday that Thursdays would be my book review days. Yay! After all, it is not enough to just read books, I should be able to say which ones are awesome and which ones you should skip.

Anyway, when I picked this book up (technically, I read this on my Kindle so I picked the Kindle up), I honestly thought it would be one of those shoulda-woulda-coulda books. As soon as I received it, I wondered to myself what brainwave I had reading this book in the first place.


I am so happy the book exceeded my expectations. I could not put it down and I actually read it twice. I hardly read books twice back to back because I think I should spend my time acquiring new experiences from a new book but this was worth it.

As the title of the book says, its all a sort of documentation of Ruby’s assessment and jottings of what she has learned over the years. The best part is she is not asking the readers to wish they could live their lives all over again…she builds a case for starting to appreciate things and live life with a positive outlook right now.

Her writing style is almost conversational and you can identify with her stories at some point. Although some of her advice may seem simplistic, one is forced to remember that life in itself is easier lived from such simplistic perspective. One of my favourites is when she writes “Thinking that you know all you need to know is never a good idea”. That may seem like a simple, everyday saying but it carries a lot of weight especially with the story she tells to illustrate her point.

Basically, this book persuades you to carry out a form of appraisal on your life and offers fresh perspectives to everyday issues.

So how was everyone’s day? Any other interesting books out there?

Have a fabulous day people!



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