Guess who’s back?

I was “under the weather” people. Imagine? Me, the warrior, the goddess…the Queen of Spades, I was sick. I still think the whole week was a dream and it was Loki playing tricks on me. I’ll have Thor deal with him later.

So the story is this, last week Monday after work, Boss lady felt like eating roasted corn and pears. Like the “abolonjeku” that I am, I took one piece of roasted corn and as soon as I finished it, I felt chills all over my body. Next thing, I was feverish and had to lie in fetal position for a bit. Got home, had painkillers and was as good as new the next day (or so I thought).

By Wednesday, my corn illness had become full blown fever and I was warned that if I did not get better by Friday, I would be shipped to the hospital. Me? Hospital? My name doesn’t fit into a sentence with the word “Hospital” except one is describing where I go to buy bread…and I don’t even eat bread anymore (for now). 

The dreaded Friday came and I rather haughtily told the very nice Doctor that it was just the old migraine back and I needed a dose of painkillers. Shikena. He agreed with me and was about to give me the dosage until a stroke of genius thought hit him and he felt the need to send me off for a “malaria and typhoid test”.

I was just upset because here I was, my head pounding like never before and this kind man wanted to send me to waste both our times on such tests. I told him I had not had malaria in over a decade and NEVER had typhoid. He just said we should eliminate the possibility. How can you eliminate what does not exist, I thought. Sigh.

Lo and behold the test came back and I had typhoid! Me? Yup, me, typhoid. They had to retake that test o. Years of watching Grey’s Anatomy and House have made me realise that one should demand tests be retaken. Alas, it was the same result, I had a sickness reserved for mortals. Oh, how elated the other gods and goddesses must have been.

Prescription filled and all, the kind Doctor bade me farewell and told me to drink lots of liquid and take a lot of rest. I did just that and now, I am back with a bang!

Moral of the story? Goddesses fall sick. lol. Well, actually, not all doctors are impatient. I am glad to be back to work, my blog, my life and the kingdom of spades. Hey, life can go on without me so I guess I need to slow down and appreciate every single situation I find myself in. 


Tomorrow I shall review a book and perhaps make Thursdays our book review days? Agreed?


Have a fabulous day people!


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