Jane Eyre

I am really excited about this week’s Coursera reading assignment. Its on Jane Eyre and I am so excited because it has been ages since I read the book and I really enjoy it. It goes without saying that I love reading books.


I could not be bothered cracking my brain for today’s title hence the “Jane Eyre”. Don’t hate me. However, I do have a lot to write about and I have no idea how to start (and I hate that phrase “first things first”. If I knew what the first things were, I would not be confused).

This week has been so busy (and it is only Tuesday o) and I am grateful about that. I would rather be busy and tired than “un-busy” and bored to death. Lots of agreements to draft and many more to negotiate. God knows I am in my element when it comes to negotiating terms and conditions of agreements. I am just not a huge fan of appearing in Court…I still remember my first court appearance *shudder*. That is a story for another day.

Then today is my friend’s birthday (Happy birthday Kokky!). She is such an absolutely beautiful person and I am so blessed to know her. We met in Uni and we were housemates for a while. She was the only one who would sit with me while making indomie and we would gist long into the night (and I would tease her about her coke-bottle figure). I have practically begged her all day to send her picture and she has grudgingly complied. So this post goes out to Kokky…she is simply the best and much fun.


In other news, I was forced to consider the fact that worry is selfishness in disguise (thank you, Joyce Meyer). That was the topic of my devotion this morning and I spent the better part of my day pondering on this (thankfully, today is my rest day from Insanity so my brain could function properly).

I understand the fact that worry is sin (Rom 14:23 “…whatever is not from faith is sin”). How worry is selfishness is a bit difficult for me to decipher. Can anyone explain to me how it is? I mean, it is definitely possible to not worry but how probable is it?

No Phineas and Ferb for me this week…lots of work to do but I have a new guilty pleasure I indulge in. I would let you guess what it is.

Have a fabulous day people!

4 thoughts on “Jane Eyre

    1. My sweet poraro…anything for you. Biko, where am I meeting you up for cake (err…and ofcourse to give you your birthday pressie).


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