I started reading my Coursera assigned book over the weekend and so far, it has made me spin so many theories in my head. The title of the book is Manon Lescaut by Abbé Prévost and the main character (Chevalier) makes me want to scream and all because he is stupidly in love. He loves this girl who claims to love him back but anytime he is broke, she leaves him for another man (or men as the case may be) who can cater to her needs. Of course, as soon as he is rich again (whether illegitimately or not), he goes off to find her and they become an item again…until he loses all his fortunes and the vicious cycle continues.

manon lescaut

As I am supposed to write an analytical paper on the book, I can practice here no? It got me wondering though, why do we repeatedly return to our source of misery despite the fact that we know the pleasure we would derive from it is temporary? I am going to let you mull on that one…simply because I do not have the answer. Truth be told, we all watch other people make seeming (or actual) stupid mistakes but we all do so and make excuses or rationalise our actions.

Well, my post is not entirely about Manon Lescaut…it is about Elijah of the old Testament in the bible. As you can guess, I was reading about him last night (after Manon) and it struck me that after running away from Jezebel because she threatened to kill him, he ran to the desert and then…wait for it…asked God to kill him. Hold up Elijah, if you really wanted to die why did you run away from Jezebel? She was going to kill you, you didn’t have to waste God’s time by asking him to kill you now, did you? (Now, that’s the paradox in case you were wondering).

I really don’t think he was running away from Jezebel because she wanted to kill him…I think he was just tired of being the only one standing up to the authorities and felt so dejected and alone (even after God had told him there were 7000 others like him). He got tired of exercising his faith and always running into trouble and he was really weary as most of us get. After a bit though, God ministered to him by strengthening him physically by providing food and water to nourish him.  (you see, being a foodie is not so bad). When he was strengthened physically, he got to Horeb and God ministered to his heart and strengthened his faith by speaking to him in a still small voice (which was to reassure Him of God’s presence). One of my connect group leaders (or team member…I forget which) said “you only whisper in the ears of those you love and it signifies how close you are to them).

In other words, I caught up with Phineas and Ferb today! Yay! My happiness meter is overflowing…I am off chocolate (for now) due to my new healthy lifestyle so need something for my happiness meter…judge me not. Apparently, there is a “bully’s code” where nerds get to be worshipped if they save a bully’s life. You just have to love cartoons.


Anyhoo, hope all y’all are doing great and having a fun week like I am.

Have a fabulous day people!


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