Time sensitive

I had always wondered why Jesus waited until Lazarus was dead to pay a visit. I mean, Mary and Martha (Lazarus’ sisters) had already sent word to Jesus to come ASAP because their brother was dying and all that. Then Jesus decided to take His sweet little time and even stayed where He was for two more days! Talk about misplaced priorities…or so I thought for a very long while.

Fast forward (or rewind, as the case may be) to December 2012, I had a lot of deadlines, was not enjoying my job and realised that I may have to move to Nigeria for a while. The only things keeping me sane then were my team and connect group…my relationship with God was still going on strong but I was having my “why me” moments. 

For some reason, I remembered the Lazarus story and then I decided that as the intelligent Lawyer I am, I would defend Jesus’ tardiness (as if He needed my defence). I read John 11 in 7 different translations (well, it was written in Greek and needed to be sure that my client was not caught up in some miscommunication as a result of lack of proper translation…as if).

It seems, like with everything, when we ponder deeply on questions and issues, we see a side to them that we had never considered. I identified with Mary, who stayed at home when she heard Jesus was around. Martha was the Ninja, she came out prepared to attack Jesus. After all, how could He say He loved Lazarus and then wait for him to die before coming?

If you want to know how the story ends, Jesus raised him from the dead and all was well again. But the resurrection is not the moral of the story. I am certain that when I call on Jesus, He answers me but we should not think He answers late based on our timeline. You know how He likes to do grand things, well He takes His sweet little time to do grand things.

Well, my conclusion from reading that passage repeatedly is that He is never late because He owns time…and the time keeper is surely never late. Like Lazarus, your situation is not fatal and it would be an occasion to show God’s glory by glorifying His Son. 

I know how annoying it is to hear words like these when going through hell but remember that feelings are irrelevant…what’s relevant is the truth you know about God.

In other news, I just about met all my deadlines this week. I slept for 12 hours and I feel so good (well, until insanity knocks the wind out of me).

Have a fabulous day people. 


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