My krptonite

I am such an information junkie and it gets me into trouble a lot. I’ve started my course on “the fiction of relationship” and its so much work. Nevertheless, I shall not give up. I shall go through these 12 weeks of reading 17th-19th century books so help me God. I really do want a study buddy though…its not too late to start with me as this is still week 1.

This whole thing made me realise my krptonite is taking on more responsibility/activities than I can handle. You see, I visualise myself as a cross between James Bond and Superman with a dash of Thor. Even when I know my plate is full, I still say yes to responsibilities while working all day and all night to meet deadlines.

I’ve just finished 3 jobs I had no business taking on in the first place and for the umpteenth time, I’ve said I would not take on work that does not fit into my time line. I think I mean it this time though…no is such a good, short word and I would use it more often.

In other news, I haven’t started enjoying my insanity workout and I woke up feeling sore all over. Nevertheless, I am not quitting! Defeat is for the weak…etc etc. I just miss eating certain food and I can’t have them anymore because I have chosen the straight and narrow path of a healthy lifestyle (#now munching on broccoli).

Have a fabulous day people.


2 thoughts on “My krptonite

  1. Mehn, it seems to run in the family – taking on more activities than I can handle. When I’m asked to do something I don’t have time for, my head says no, but somehow I hear myself telling the person yes. Arrgh! I need an intervention.

    p.s.: I got all the videos for A Beginners Guide To Irrational Behavior if you want.


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