Bank Holiday/ Public Holiday/ Whatchamacallit

I am supposed to be excited I have got a free day today…but no, I am not. It seems my dream for a lazy day is not going to come true anytime soon. Sigh. Lifestyle of a celebrity wannabe is tasking like whoa. I am not complaining, on the contrary I am happy, I would rather be too busy to say my name that to have nothing to do. This is when I pause and give thanks for all I have: my amazing job, family, friends, clients, pets, mosquitoes, coffee, chocolate…I got carried away, sorry.

Despite my crazily busy schedule, I look forward to an awesome June. I just received notification of a new course I am taking on coursera (The fiction of Relationship):


I know, you are wondering why I would choose a course like this but it seems like so much intellectual fun and what not. Plus it’ll force me to have more discipline o…does anyone want to take this course with me? Just click here to read more about it.

Then I got another reminder from my virtual Insanity workout trainier about my 60-day regime starting on the 1st of June. Deep sigh! The journey to my 6-pack abs is real yo. I am too shy to post pictures of my abs right now (they are hiding in 3 inches of fat) but in 62 days time, you guys would beg me to stop.

In other news, I saw one of the most outrageous ads (in my opinion) yesterday. You see, while looking for very important information on twitter (that’s my story), I came across my sister’s tweet…she was ranting about some mundane ad she saw in the newspaper. Like the olofofo I am, I clicked and I saw this:


I simply do not understand this blender ish…I think speaks volumes of the lack of the imagination of all involved in this ad. I wonder who even approved it and I would be surprised if a woman was involved in the process. I know some people would wonder why my sisters and I (and fellow twitter users) were upset but speaking for myself, I would not have noticed the blender much if the child had asked for a shovel or garden hose for his/her daddy. I lie, I would have noticed.

I am no feminist (simply because its hard to keep up with the definition of a feminist) but this just takes the cake for lack of sensitivity and awareness of the current 21st century situation. Or what are your thoughts?

Have a fab day people!


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