Cooking and its calming effect on me

I am one of those people who exercise their culinary skills when stressed. Seriously, cooking calms me. I can chop veg/meat as an outlet for my frustration (instead of wringing someone’s neck) and the best part is eating my oh- so delicious food. If I do not toot my horn, who will?

So this morning, I woke up 3 am to finish a report that has had my knickers all up in a twist. I have resolved to finish it before Monday but I keep getting stressed out. So by 5.30 am, when my brain and fingers could not take anymore torture, I ventured to the kitchen to make brekkie.

I decided to make moin-moin. For my non-Nigerian friends, its a meal made out of beans. I refuse to give it an English name. Its purely an African staple food and you have to learn to pronounce it like I have learned to pronounce Filet mignon, Croissant and Quesadillas.

By the time I was done with the process (chopping onions, mixing the ground beans, adding spices and what not), I felt more relaxed. Put the food on fire and went to my room.

Now, this is the point where I tell you a bit about my psyche. You see, I’m originally a goddess and I enjoy burnt food. In consideration of the mere mortals around me, I take special care to time my cooking and ensure its not burnt. Mortals do not enjoy burnt food like we gods and goddesses do.

On this day though, I totally forgot to set my timer and got caught up in my super freakonomics book (yay! I finally got my copy). My internal clock kick started me into reality and I literally ran to the kitchen to the oh-so glorious smell of burnt food! I was torn because my father was going to partake in this meal and would not be amused at this burnt offering. Luckily, 2 of the moin-moin wraps were not burnt and that’s how a catastrophe was averted.

Its good to know what serves as an outlet for stress. That way, you don’t seem angry and tense all the time. Not like there is a specific moral to this post, but it’ll be prudent of you to assess yourself, determine what makes you want to hit your head on a wall and then proceed to find ways to make those feeling pass.

Ps. I’ll add pictures in the evening. I have to write from my blackberry again due to poor data services and lack of wifi.

Have a fabulous day people!


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