Death to parallel parking!

I talked about my lack of parking skills in my previous post and a kind hearted soul sent me a link of the world’s worst parallel park…I laughed a lot because it was comforting to know that I am not the only one lacking such hallowed skills.


Without further ado, I call for the death of parallel parking…I would find a justifiable reason why one should not be subjected to such hardship (including the fact that it is a breach of my fundamental human right- freedom of expression which includes parking however I wish to. Lol). However, if it is of any relevance, I parked properly today but I did not take a picture because that would be bragging, no?

On a more serious note though, parallel parking is not the aim of today’s post…I just couldn’t think of a catchy title so I took the lazy way out. I am of the opinion that if you ever get lost in Abuja, just drive straight and turn left. I assure you, you would get to your destination. A little caution though, always listen to the tiny voice of reasoning because it is very vital when you are driving in this Abuja…any wrong turn and you would want to hit your head on the dash board.

So today, I was to visit a friend I haven seen in 4 years. I had a mental picture of where  was going, I even drew a little map with a landmark. Lo and behold, when I got to the supposed landmark, it was not there anymore! I cannot express how I felt, that was my only hope I tell you. Why can’t someone leave this city and come back to find it the same ehn? Why must everything change?

Coupled with the fact that I do not ask for directions, I knew I was next to doomed and no, I could not ask the said friend for directions because that would be the end of the said friendship. Friends must remember where friends live…that is the 1st rule in friendship.


So I did what I just advised, I drove straight and turned left and my brain kick-started itself. I vaguely remembered what direction I should take and I got to my destination just in time to eat jollof rice and chicken whilst watching CSI:NY…life is sweet :).

In other news, I have infected everyone around me with the song “Gitchee gitchee goo” by Phineas and Ferb (actually, its by Phineas and the Ferb-tones). I heard my friend humming it and I just burst out laughing. Laughed harder when she asked if I knew the song…yea, that’s how I roll. I wish I could infect you all with the song…I’ll post the link to Disney’s youtube page: and another one I found on youtube:

(Ps, I prefer the 2nd link).

Hillsong conference is in a couple of weeks whoop! whoop! and there is a  40 day countdown devotional that goes with it. Happy much about that.


Oh well, gotta go…my bed is calling.

Have a fabulous day people!


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