The cat lover

I am finally in Lagos, whoop! whoop! So glad to have a break from all the waka waka and what not. Tomorrow, I shall be in my parents’ house eating well and having not a care in the world. Till then, I shall have fun with my younger sister and hope my adopted one can visit me because I really have no money to pay for her time. I have made her an offer, I can only pray she would not refuse.

My journey here was not smooth, I have always been a fan of travelling but this experience made me realise that one MUST NEVER travel during the weekend. Why didn’t I get the memo earlier ehn? I am not making this mistake ever again.

You see, for the first time in my life, I decided to dress up properly for a flight to the homeland. I picked out my outfit 2 days before (black peplum dress, electric blue belt, black pumps with gold tips and black business-like bag). I was very proud of myself because left to me, I would wear a kaftan and flat slippers and call it a day.

The flight was for 7.30 am and like the efficient lady that I am, I was at the airport by 5 am. I had already checked in the night before and just did that baggage drop (the kind lady at the counter overlooked my over weight boxes. God bless her). So I sashayed to the lounge with all the pomp and effrontery of a working class lady. Goodness me, I was over proud of myself. Heels at the airport? Who would have thought I could do this?

My pride did not last for long because, ladies and gentlemen, Emirates delayed my flight 4 times!!! Yes, you read it right, four times. I would not have been so upset if I had to stay at the same boarding gate. No, Emirates does not consider ladies wearing 6 inch shoes. I walked to 3 different boarding gates in my stilettos while mentally berating myself for being so foolish. One simply must not wear heels at the airport except one is…there is no exception.

I bore the pain with the grace and elegance of a lady and finally, my 7.30 am flight became an 11.45 am flight and I was once again happy with myself for I had chosen a seat so close to the entrance. No need to walk further and let my wobbling knees give way. As a true christian, I have forgiven Emirates for its evil and sins and I would remember them no more. So please, fly Emirates, the best airline ever.

I did not intend to rant about them, I was going to talk about my younger sister. After my ordeal, I just wanted to go home and eat proper Naija food. I had sort of expressed this desire to her the night before and thought that like the good sister she is, she would lay out the red carpet and serve a buffet for my homecoming. I was wrong.

On my way to hers, I called and she said “oh, I am not home but the key is with xyz and you can let yourself in.” I know she is a Lagos big girl, very busy and all that so I did not get angry. I just went to her place and let myself in. Ladies and Gentlemen, there was no red carpet, no electricity and worst of all no food!

I could not believe it! After all the carefully inserted hints there was nothing for me. I raided her fridge and there was only coke…and she knows I temporarily do not drink coke because of my new healthy lifestyle. I was burnt. The icing on the cake was when I went to her pseudo pantry and it was filled to the brim with CAT FOOD!!! No food for human beings there o…all na for cats. I was so hungry I almost had cat food for dinner but no, I am a lady, not a cat.


I calmly sent an SOS message and she promised to get me shawarma and all was well with the world again. I even fed the cats some more of their treats.


In other news, my pastors played last night for charity (Vision rescue inIndia - and of course they won *shrugs*. (Emm…the pictures are from the Hillsong FB page, these are some of my faves.)




Have a fabulous day people!

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