Insanity workout vs. simple workout

I am one of those people who work out just because. Yes, I have no justifiable reason but I just want to be fit. Who knows, this life as a Lawyer may end and I would start performing on stage like Shakira.

Anyways, I was content with my jogging/skipping/running/push up routine until I got to Nigeria in February and saw my friend looking fly. I mean, she has always been cute and chubby but now she was cute, trimmer and so so fit.

I do not even remember asking her what she did, I think she volunteered the information and she told me all about insanity. Being the ‘experimenter’ that I am, I got my insanity workout dvd and workbook and planned to start in May.

Well, I haven’t started. I am starting in June now. You see, it is important to calculate the costs and risks involved. I watched the Fit Test part of the DVD and I realised that I had been lying to myself all these years that I was fit. I was thrown into emotional turmoil and now I am emotionally fit to express my ordeal.

After the fit test, I decided I would start in May, but like I said, I could not because I have decided I need a partner in crime to go through this aptly named insanity workout. So Jess and I would start in June (I haven’t told her yet, lol). Is there anyone else who would like to be my partner?

In the meantime, I watch the dvd everyday. The first few days, I was exhausted from simply watching. Geez, Shaun T is a killer and who on earth is that Tanya girl? Is she a robot? I shall not be deterred though, I shall overcome the insanity workout, Amen.

In other news, I’m off to my sister’s house in Lag today. You see, I have 4 sisters…2 biological, 1 adopted and 1 appointed. I’ll write more about them but I am so sure when I get to Lag, there would be no food in my younger sister’s house…and my adopted sister is now so much of a celebrity that she has told me how much per hour I should pay to see her. I won’t complain though, when I become a celebrity I shall charge per second.

Ps. No pictures today. I apologise. Still on the move but as soon as I get to Lagos, I promise an overdose of pics.

Have a great day people!


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