The watcher

I enjoy watching people. You know how some of you enjoy watching football, watching movies and all that, well, I enjoy watching people.

I used to think it was rude to people watch…well, just because I did not know anyone else who enjoyed people watching like I did.

Oh no, I sound creepy but I’m not a stalker. Far from it. I just watch people within my line of vision and nothing more. I do not stare…I watch. Let’s get that clear.

I also watch my friends when we are all together. They think I’m quiet but have no idea the kind of noise that goes on in my head. I watch them laugh, talk and their funny facial expressions. This is why they think I’m weird, not knowing from my point of view they are the weird ones.

People watching has its benefits (and you thought it did not, right?).
You get good at predicting people’s next step and you actually see the good in people. The conflict of emotions that is visible on their faces when they are about to make a decision…the list is endless.

In other news, I also enjoy reading and one of the books I read repeatedly is “Freakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. No, I would not give you a summary of the book, buy your own copy. Lol.

On a more serious note, it is a pretty good book about the application of economic theory to all spheres of life and you could read their blog before buying the book.

Have a great day people!


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