Break in transmission

I apologise profusely for the break in transmission. I have been writing, I promise you, but I have been on the move so can only blog from my mobile. Excuses, excuses…I know, but that’s my story and it would have to work.

I had always seen myself as bitextual…you know, being able to use both touch screen and regular phone keypads. Well I can, except when it comes to blogging. I almost shattered my iphone when I unwittingly selected and deleted text I had painstakingly and craftfully drafted. I was pained. So I did the natural thing, I got my worn out blackberry and started typing this masterpiece that is before you.

As usual, this got me thinking about how sometimes we give up on things/ situations because we are so determined to make them work in a particular way. We refuse to entertain alternatives and that makes us somewhat narrow minded.

In other news, there would be no pictures in my blog this week. As mentioned earlier, I’m blogging from the bb I have no idea how to add pictures yet. I’ll keep trying though.

I realise now that I have added a picture of my favorite team in the world…the TN Team. Yes, they are the best and this goes out to them. Please note that this picture was not taken by me and I did not seek the permission of the owner because…well, just because. Lol. I know they won’t dare sue me.

(BTW, I did not come up with the term bitextual…I read it on Tolu Ogunlesi’s timeline and rather liked it).

Have a great day people!


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