Lazy Saturdays

I create time to have at least one lazy day in 2 weeks. Although not scientifically proven (at least not to my knowledge) having a day that does not follow my routine and busy schedule helps me really tune out and take out time to breathe properly. The best part of my lazy days? I can do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty.

It is very tempting to the think that the harder we work, the faster things get done but it is imperative to create time to recuperate…give that brain sometime to heal and get re energised. Who knows? Maybe you would come up with great ideas that would influence your world.

There are stories about companies that give their staff time off to cool down, re-strategise and return pumped and bursting with creativity. If these companies can be wise about the need to rest, perhaps we should consider having “Lazy Saturdays” like me.

In other news, cats have been stalking me this week. I do not mind at all though, I really like cats (I had 6 cats at a point in time). Armed with my ever ready camera, I took a picture of a beautiful black cat with lovely green eyes (though she kept looking away so I cannot show you how her eyes looked.



The other cat stalking me struck a pose though…she reminds me of my ex-cat whose name was Anck-su-namun.



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