Of caffeine, chocolate and the cheeky salesgirl.

I am one of those people who are on a natural high and it takes a lot of effort to get me really upset. As with every general rule, there is an exception and my exception is when I do not get coffee or chocolate. You see, those things keep me happy and only God would bless the people who have diligently spent their life improving these products.

These past few days, I have had to go without either because I had an appointment for today to clean and polish my teeth and I try not to eat sweet/ savoury food (and coffee or chocs) before an appointment. In other words, today I was pretty much at my wits end with neither of my happiness boosters.

As an aside, I enjoy cleaning my teeth because I focus on the big picture: my dazzling smile needs to remain dazzling and this includes frequent visits to the dentist to ensure the dazzleness. So I literally smile through the pain knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Back to to my story. After my appointment, I had to get back to work so I couldn’t gargle with warm saltwater until I got home. Thus, my happiness gauge was nearing empty and I was itching to get home to perform my saltwater ritual and drink my mocha chocolata.

On my way home, I stopped by the local electronics store to buy a phone and after paying and all, I put a sim card in it and found out the phone was locked to a network! I did not lose my cool just yet, I was tapping into my happiness reserve and I told the sales girl she had sold me the locked phone. Her reply? “Oh, I thought you knew it was locked.” Thought I knew? Seriously?

I was still a good sport and smiled through my clean gritted teeth and calmly told her that there was no way I would have magically known it was locked. Her reply? “Well, its not my fault, you would have to go to the mobile network company and have them unlock it and if they don’t, maybe we would give you a partial refund.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not entirely proud of my following actions but I lost all decorum and rational thinking. You see, when my happiness tank is empty even I cannot predict my next action and my spoken English immediately becomes more polished. When I speak in anger, a dictionary is necessary because I switch to my legal mumbo jumbo.

In summary, I informed her that the customer, aka Toyin, is always right and I have a right to demand for a full refund because she had witheld material information and thus tricked me into buying it. I went on and on until the lady cut me short and informed me she would see what she could do about my situation.

Sigh. My answer? “I require a full refund and I am not leaving until I get one”. Thankfully, the store manager came over to resolve the whole brouhaha, I got my full refund and the third world war was averted.

I practically ran out of there because I did not want anyone to get get on my last nerve. I got home in time to get my saltwater fix and dashed out of the house to get my mocha. I even threw in some cheesecake for good measure (you know, just to be sure I had enough happiness in my reserve) and now all is well with the world again.

Moral of this narration? If you are in the service industry it is best to not add to your customer’s agitation. They are always right and it is best you do not become cheeky because after all they keep you in business.

In other news, I found The Cheesecake Factory here! Yay! That has made my happiness tank run over. I would not post a picture of the actual cheesecakes I got because I am not a cruel person.


I should have actually posted this picture of a pink Hummer Limo that I saw yesterday. I cringed when I saw it…why evils? Why would anyone want to do this to a limo?


Have a fabulous day people!


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