Public speaking jitters

I am pleased to announce that I created time to write early today…and I should be rewarded for this. Therefore, I have unilaterally decided that I am entitled to a session of quad biking in the desert. Yay, thank you so much self, you are far too kind.

Let’s stop wasting time chatting about my gift to myself. Today, we had a training session and mother of all horrors: I was expected to speak for an hour. Yes people you read right, a whole hour. This right here is the coup of the century and the facilitator of the training is just lucky that I was dressed like a lady today so I was forced to act like one.

On a normal day, I sound like Jessica Pearson (at least in my ears) because I consciously ensure that my voice is at that decibel. But when I am forced to speak in public and without notice, I sound like a cross between Minnie Mouse and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. Now you understand why I call this a coup?

I would not bore you with the gritty details of how my presentation went but I remember a very interesting TED talk on speaking in public I watched last year. No, I would not indulge you and give the full details, however I would give you the link. (

The important part of the talk for me was when Joshua explained how we can speak from memory if we anchor our speeches or presentations to certain visuals. It is difficult at first but with practice, it gets easier and you would find giving a speech from a paper so tedious. His example of the Romans giving their speech from memory is actually encouraging. Ok, I would just focus on that aspect of his talk and all y’all have to watch it…deal?

In order to memorise your speech, don’t fall into the trap of trying to memorise your speech or presentation word for word. Instead, memorise your speech/ presentation topic for topic and you are not under any pressure to meet an unattainable standard.

I find that practicing this helps one to be less jittery when called upon randomly to speak on topics one is familiar with. Most importantly, it helps you from sounding like a zombie after 10 minutes because you are able to gauge how your presentation is being received and you can adjust it to suit your audience.

In other news, I finally found Nandos in my new ‘hood! Yay…peri-peri chicken for president of the world.


One more view to feast your weary eyes on :).


Have a fabulous day people.


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