Me, myself and no eyes

I made the grave mistake of going out without my glasses last night. I know my eyesights are not the worst in the world but I have no business going out without those little helpers called glasses (or contacts as the case may be). Anyways, last night, I was in dire need of grapes, mocha and cheesecake. Despite my strong self-control and what not, I decided to bargain with myself. I would run for 30 minutes in return for my beloved cheesecake (one loses around 200 calories if running petty fast).

So I ran, got home sweaty and all, took a shower and prepared my brain for my beloved cheesecake. There is a cafe just down the road and I did not think it was necessary to deck my nose with glasses (frankly, I was too lazy to look for them) so I figured I would just dash down the street and grab my cuppa mocha with the delicious cheesecake and forget all about the grapes, right?

Wrong! I got to Caribou (the cafe) and they had no cheesecake! I was appalled, annoyed and rightfully angry. That was not all, the barista had the temerity to tell me there would be no cheesecake until morning! I thought to myself, is he kidding? Does he know how much preparation went into this? That my ankles were still unstable from the gruelling 30 mins run? That my head was still spinning and my heart still racing? How dare they have no cheesecake?

While contemplating the next step, a very kind gentleman graciously informed me that I could get some cheesecake at the local convenience store. I could have done anything to show my gratitude to this kind fella. So off I went to the store and as I walked in, I saw the most succulent grapes ever (of course I snapped them up). I got to their confectionery stand and they had everything: red velvet, tiramisu, chocolate cake, black forest…name it. Everything but my beloved cheesecake. Now, I am not a fan of conspiracy theories but this right here was a conspiracy, the universe conspiring to deny me of my beloved cheesecake.

Nevertheless, I did not relent. I had come too far to give up on my quest for cheesecake. After paying for my succulent grapes, I asked the kind lady at the counter where I could find cheesecake at 9pm and she graciously said “there is a Park and Shop round the corner. Maybe you should try them.”

That was music to my ears and I did not even ask how far “round the corner was”. Armed with my grapes, I tried to follow her directions. I walked to the metro station, looked to my right and saw the Park and Shop afar off (For those of you who do not know, Park and Shop is the name of the store). Then I made my way to the cheesecake haven (all these took 20 mins but I did not mind, my reward was the cheesecake). I got there, went straight to the confectionery stand and behold…there sat my blueberry cheesecake waiting patiently for me to scoop it up. I was the happiest human at that point in time.

My happiness did not last though, when I walked out of the store, I had no idea where I was. Remember, I am in an unknown country and not yet familiar with the streets and all. My quest for cheesecake was not well thought through and most importantly: MY GLASSES WERE AT HOME! This was not a good thing especially as I had no phone with me (remember, I thought I was just going to the cafe) and in turn, no access to google maps.

Plus I am too proud a lady to ask for directions to a place I cannot adequately describe. So I did the thing any sensible person would do, I tried to follow the route I came from. I am very adventurous at heart but this was an adventure I did not plan for and I was semi blind for this activity. I sang to myself and walked towards the direction my guts told me to go. Guts lie sometimes and this time, mine lied to me. After walking for 45 minutes guess where I found myself?

park and shop

The horror! The shock! This time, my legs were upset with my brain. How could I be lost? I never get lost, never ever. You would think at this point I would ask for directions? Never! My pride is too big and unsavoury to swallow. I walked into the store as if I had planned it and got myself some crackers and cheese. Yes, I deserved the extra calories for walking for so long.

Then I set about getting myself out of the quagmire. I walked again and this time, I found my way to my street. I was so excited, I just could’t wait to be home and at this point, I was going to be okay if anything else went wrong. As soon as I got home, I paid homage to my glasses and made vow I do not intend to break anytime soon: I shall always wear my glasses/contacts. (In case you were wondering, I finished my beloved cheesecake that night and all was well with the universe again).

In unrelated news, I am having a lazy Sunday hence the very late post. I did say I would write everyday so do not judge me (see, I am rambling again). Oh well, I caught the sun rise again today. Proud much.


Have a good day people!

5 thoughts on “Me, myself and no eyes

  1. I ll try as much as I can to read ur writing everyday if u keep at it. They make good sense. Love u girl. Fkay, for the ‘nahchittas’


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