No train of thought in particular

I am not a great TV fan. I would rather bury my nose in a book but there are a couple of shows that lure me away from literature. One of them is the Apprentice (Currently, I am watching Celebrity Apprentice Season 13). I usually watch such in the night just before I sleep so it comes as no surprise that I dream about the strategies and schemes I watched.

S13E01 of the Celebrity Apprentice is very thought-provoking (to me at least). One of the contestants had won the celebrity apprentice in a previous episode and was back this season to compete. I found myself mulling over this repeatedly especially since it was a huge risk. A very great risk I tell you, for he risked getting fired and that would completely obliterate the fact that he was a previous Celebrity Apprentice winner! If I was a tabloid writer, I would have lots of fun writing about the whole situation if he was fired.

It made me think of related risks I take, surely there is a thin line between being content with your success and being ambitious. One simply has to know when to draw the line…but how does one know the signs? Does it make any sense to fight a battle you have already won? Should one be satisfied with success in an aspect even where there is an opportunity to be a repeated champion in that field?

On a lighter note though, I have a fetish for clouds and other elements and without any further ado, I present you all with a picture of the clouds today…an unprofessional picture I took on my way home from work. 




Have a fabulous day people.

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