Welcome to the world of…

I am not the best writer in the world but I have a very active imagination (and a way with words, I guess). I wake up every morning with a story but my fingers are slower than my brain and by the time I get up to write anything, the story is concluded and I cannot remember the introduction.

So I decided to train my fingers and be more disciplined. It is so hard…so very hard. Then again, perfection does not come easy, right?

I had a blogger.com account and I blogged sporadically, I lacked so much discipline it was appalling. I blamed it on my lack of creativity and all that, but who was I kidding? So I decided to start again! Yes, a new beginning and I am very determined to continue writing but it is a conscious effort to write just because I enjoy it and I am in dire need of an outlet to the lots of random information in my head.

I read a lot and as at the last count, I had 1,432 books (hard copy), 717 books in my itunes library and 706 books on my Kindle (excluding the various magazines I have subscribed to). Yes, I am an information junkie and it gets me into trouble sometimes because I often don’t remember where I read something (and it turns out to be a disaster in some cases).


Welcome to my world…where I am comfortable in my field of paper flowers and the multitude of books. I have no idea what next I would write about but I promise to write about the next thing that graces my neocortex.

One last thing, I woke up this morning when the sun was rising and I took a non-professional picture (I am currently in the middle east and can catch the sun rise beautifully).


Have a fabulous day people!


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